Main objective: To strengthen the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises
Region of intervention: North

Date of approval: 2016-02-21
Start date: 2015-09-28
Completion date: 2018-09-25
Total eligible cost: € 137,073.15
Financial support from the European Union: € 66,373.02 | ERDF: € 53,240.74; FSE: € 13,132.28

Project description:
The internationalization plan gives sustainability to its strategy of consolidation in current markets and diversification of markets with a focus on innovation and differentiation of its products. This plan contributes to a better positioning in the value chain of TÊXTEIS MASSAL and aims to promote its competitiveness through a more active presence in the global market.

Objectives / Expected Results:

  • Reinforce international presence and positioning as a player of reference in the production of home textile
  • Expand the visibility and international reputation of the institutional brand TEXTILES MASSAL
  • Bet on Product Design and Innovation
  • Promoting their competitiveness in international markets